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Bloodshot Iolite Sunstone Necklace

Bloodshot Iolite Sunstone Necklace

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A moody and dramatic bloodshot Iolite gemstone wrapped in fine silver with 14K yellow gold links and a couple of prongs. Below a sparkling mauve Spinel is flush set in 14k gold. This unique Iolite stone reflects a fiery golden sparkle that comes and goes depending on the angle of light.  It's fun and beautiful at the same time. 

The unique fiery patterns within the stone are thought to reflect the individual’s inner strength and character. Wearing or carrying bloodshot iolite is thought to nurture detox, healing, and recovery.

The back is hand-pierced with a bubble design.

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Bloodshot Iolite sunstone, 14 karat gold, fine and sterling silver, facetted Spinel

Chain Measures:  max length 21 1/4" but can be adjusted shorter because of the chain's large links.

Centerpiece measures approximately: about 1 1/4"x 5/8", bloodshot Iolite stone is 1" long, Spinel 3mm

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