about bluecave


The designs created at Bluecave Jewelry come from the foundation of coastal love, respect and intrigue. The Bluecave intention is to build on this foundation of intrigue with creations of special amulets of peace and refuge made in precious metals, unique gemstones, and luminous enamels. They are little celebrations of life and reminders of our connections to special places and those whom we share our time with there.  

I grew up and live on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. The beaches and rocky coast lines are energy zones of concentrated life all of which inspire so many of us scientifically, spiritually and creatively. Where the ocean meets the land has been an endless source of education and inspiration: watching the tides roll in and out, wondering what lives down that sandy hole, and the ever-changing amazing sunsets over the ocean.  It’s where the wet and juicy adjectives pile up and biodiversity concentrates.

The ultimate curiosity along these shores comes from the discovery of ocean caves, wondering how long they have existed and who had discovered them before. Did they take refuge there, were they wolves, were they human? Traveling to other ocean caves in different climates, all illicit the same response: this is a special place, a secret place, a place of peace and refuge. 

I hope you join along on the journey of Bluecave’s creative flushes, creating special treasures from earth’s finest gifts.


Liz at Bluecave Jewelry